Otaris and Cardano: Building the Future

Otaris and Cardano: Building the Future

Navigating the dynamic landscape of web3, strategic partnerships define the successful trajectory of innovative startups. One such promising alliance is the recent collaboration between Faculty Group’s Otaris and the pioneering blockchain platform, Cardano.

Cardano has earned global admiration for its scientific-driven approach to blockchain development. Its commitment to sustainability, scalability, and transparency makes it an attractive platform for many developers and enterprises. With decentralisation at its core and a firm dedication to empowering societies with financial inclusion, Cardano stands out as a beacon in the blockchain world.

Enter Otaris

Built by the Faculty Group, Otaris is designed to revolutionise the industry with its full suite of services. Beyond being an accelerator, Otaris provides a dedicated B2B portal, post-acceleration support, and tailored advisory, ensuring start-ups have the comprehensive resources to effectively build, raise, and scale. Faculty Group’s sponsorship reaffirms this intention. 

Otaris' contribution to the ‘Battle of the Builders’ goes beyond just sponsorship. The top three startups will be granted automatic acceptance into Faculty's accelerator program, a defining moment that could empower their entrepreneurial path.

Moreover, Otaris will play a pivotal role in shaping the contest, with Michal Uhliarik, Faculty Group’s CTO, judging the Battle of the Builders during the Networking Soirée, ensuring a confluence of innovation, creativity, and impact. Michal had this to say about being a judge:

"We are proud to not only sponsor but participate in this event as a partner and to share our expertise with next-level projects building in the Cardano ecosystem.

Why Cardano?

The alliance is not just strategic—it’s symbiotic. Cardano offers a robust platform for developing secure and scalable decentralised applications, and Otaris provides the necessary mentorship, resources, and support to start-ups building on Cardano. This collaboration promises to be beneficial for everyone: while Cardano gets the innovative solutions and applications start-ups bring, the projects receive unparalleled support and guidance from Faculty Group and Otaris.

Faculty Group’s mission is to build, fuel and guide the web3 game changers of tomorrow. The top three projects from the Battle of the Builders will also receive these additional ‘prizes' as part of our sponsorship of Cardano Summit 2023:

  • A place in Otaris’ upcoming Cardano-focused cohort of their accelerator programme, launching later this year.
  • 1 month’s free Market Making by Artis, Faculty’s proprietary Market Maker. Our standard service level includes: Algorithmic Market Making, Liquidity support, DEX and CEX support for up to two pairs, and, most importantly, Treasury Management to ensure the long-term viability and liquidity of projects as they grow.
  • 1 month’s free "Marketing Department as a service" for the overall winner from our marketing company X8C, which includes CMO, Assets and Branding as well as community management to set projects up for success when it comes to marketing strategy, sales and business development.

The 3 winning builders will also be fast-tracked by our Due Diligence team to receive potential investment from Faculty Capital, the venture capital arm of Faculty Group. Their unique approach to investment blends venture capital funding with deep expertise gained through working with web3 start-ups across many different sectors, including DeFi, gaming, entertainment and infrastructure.  

To the Cardano community, our partners and clients, it demonstrates our commitment to harnessing the best of blockchain and creating bridges into ecosystems across the space.  Together with Cardano, Faculty Group and Otaris are poised to drive a new era of blockchain innovation.  Let’s build the future today.

Max Hunt

Max Hunt

At Otaris, Faculty’s Innovation hub, Max is the business development aficionado guiding start-ups traversing into Web3. A designer at heart, he is committed to authenticity, innovation, and value.