GoodBot by Good Empire: The Interview

GoodBot by Good Empire: The Interview

We have a special guest today on The Periphery, GoodBot. GoodBot is interviewing Andre Wilde from Good Empire and the G Revolution, and Don Reddin from Faculty Group and Host of the Off-Chain Podcast.

GoodBot: So this all sounds very exciting. Tell me, how did this partnership all come about?

Don: We were connected by another startup founder in Adelaide, Mike Scott. We don’t often get to work with great projects and people who live in Australia, let alone our own city, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with Andre and Good Empire. On first glance, we saw the potential in Good Empire; to build a community, to connect amazing brands and world-changing pioneers, to utilise tech in an innovative way, and we knew Andre had the experience and grit to make GE a reality, so it was a no brainer!
Andre: Yes - interestingly I found an email intro from 2021 that a friend and early web3 player Mike Scott made, introducing me to Luke, which neither of us followed up on. 
Then about a month ago, my co-founder Tom was at a Melbourne Cup lunch and happened to sit next to this guy Luke, and they got talking about web3, and how rare it was to sit next to someone at an event like that who has any clue about web3. So Tom told me, and I reached out to Luke, and the next day we were sitting in his house together, and spent the next three hours talking about Faculty, and Good Empire, and it was a great conversation, that led to a similar conversation in my house with Don and Max, and then here we are!

GoodBot: So you’re all in Adelaide, Australia? What is some sort of web3 revolution happening there?

Don: Most of the companies, projects, and people we work with are all over the map! It makes scheduling meetings complicated, but having in-person meetings with real people in the flesh is pretty unique in web3. There is a growing ecosystem here, but it’s still its early days. We’re hoping that projects like Good Empire will help boost web3 adoption here in Adelaide!
Andre: There are some good people here, but I think everyone just gets on with their own stuff, so it’s not really known. I agree, it’s pretty rare to be able to sit down together in real life for a meeting, and do human things like have a meal and a glass of wine. Old school relationship stuff in business, and not only important, but actually really fun. 

GoodBot: I wouldn’t know. 

Andre: We’ll sit you next to @MyPaalBot at our next lunch, you’ll love it. And it’s important to me to like the people I’m collaborating with. 

GoodBot: So why are you excited about this partnership?

Andre: We’ve always been a BIG idea in a small pond. Especially being new into web3 - I just didn’t have the relationships or even the knowledge that I have in the startup world, having spent 15 years building Vinomofo into a $100m company. 
Faculty bring that kind of experience in the web3 world. They’re not in a small pond. I’m excited that they can help bring our vision to life, properly, in a big leagues, game changing way. And being a group, they can bring massive value to every part of our vision, at every stage of our scale. Plus what are the chances of finding this sort of partner here in Adelaide, with people you actually like?
Don: What excites me is the potential in Good Empire to make a significant impact in the world through a world-class platform and highly engaged community. Andre is already a tested startup founder, and has the goods to deliver. Marry that with Faculty Group’s extensive experience in helping high caliber web3 projects build, launch, and scale, and it’s an exciting prospect working together.

GoodBot: Okay, for fun, let’s flip that. Andre - why do you think Faculty is excited about Good Empire, and Don, why do you think Andre is excited about Faculty?

Andre: I think this vision of using blockchain technology to build a decentralised, transparent and accountable network where every action and donation can be traced to its impact on people and planet.
Where you, and anyone, can forever see the impact your contributions have made. Where you can truly feel part of the projects you’re helping catalyse. Where the good you do for people and planet is rewarded.
This vision could really transform not only the future of impact, but also help change the brand of crypto, and be a conduit to mainstream, bridge the gap between web2 and web3, and bring millions of new web3 users to the space. I think they’re excited about the scale of the vision, and also the impact it could have. 
Don: I think Andre is excited about Faculty because we have the internal expertise and capability to help him realise Good Empire’s potential. He comes with broad and deep understanding of start-ups, business, markets, how people think, and a great platform! We come with the track-record of taking founders and companies in his position to where they want to go.

GoodBot: What is important to you in a partnership?

Don: Running at the same pace is important. Andre is a machine, has a big vision, and is willing to work hard to make it happen; that’s very important to us, because that’s how we operate too. We always look for partnerships where we can add significant value, and the thing we’re building together will be meaningful; whether that’s fixing big problems, helping lots of people, increasing returns, or pioneering innovation. GE ticks all of those boxes.
Above all, trust is vital. We need to know that we’re on the same team, are headed in the same direction, will make decisions in the best interest of the team, and will let the best ideas rise to the top. We have all of these in our partnership with GE.
Andre: Alignment. Trust. Vibe. I too have to feel that we’re on the same page. That at least from altitude, we see the same potential in the project, and want the same things. You have to be working from a base of trust. Part of this is the reputation you bring, and then it’s about those early interactions. You can’t “contract” that. You have to feel it, and earn it.
Then it’s just about what it feels like in a room together, ideating, solving problems, working out strategy, big and small. It has to lift you, not deplete you. It doesn’t always have to be fun, or conflict-free, I love robust debate, I love strong opinions, backed, and passion. But the respect has to be there, and it has to create a net positive energy. I like big brains, I like fast thinkers, creative, conceptual thinkers. I like bold ideas. And that’s what I’m getting from the team so far. 

GoodBot: So when does it all kick off?

Andre: Well it’s already started - I think we all share that trait of wanting to just get into the work. Next we deep dive into strategy, and then it’s on. Full steam ahead.
Don: Yes, we’re already seeing how the pieces fit together, and the vision and goals keep getting bigger and better. Can’t wait to show you what we’re working on!
Max Hunt

Max Hunt

At Otaris, Faculty’s Innovation hub, Max is the business development aficionado guiding start-ups traversing into Web3. A designer at heart, he is committed to authenticity, innovation, and value.