FG Roundup: ETHDenver 2024

FG Roundup: ETHDenver 2024

ETHDenver, the first ETH community #BUILDathon and Festival for 2024 (Year of the #SporkWhale) took place in Denver, Colorado last week.  Our Vice President of Investment, Sebastian Cheek was in attendance and this is his roundup of the event itself. 

ETHDenver as a whole was fantastic. The city of Denver is absolutely gorgeous and the variety of people there was great, with the three geographical verticals of Web3 Venture being well represented. It was great to catch up with many global friends we rarely get to meet in real life.

Ethereum, venture capital and tech insiders deep-dived into decentralised AI, GPU networks, ZK technology, and wallet enhancements. The conference focused on the strategic implications of decentralised AI, the rapid evolution of GPU infrastructure, and the critical push towards wallet interoperability. 

Denver is easy to navigate especially with Lime Scooters. This was the best way to chill out between meetings going from the conference to downtown Denver and vice versa.

We met with 42-45 founders through meetings, coffee and pitching events and felt that it was a great opportunity to engage with projects building across many narratives in the space. We also had a number of meetings with potential deal flow partners and VCs who were keen to explore areas for collaboration with Faculty Group. 

There were many star-studded side events with high profile projects and founders including EigenLayer, Filecoin and many others. There were also AI and machine learning projects in attendance as well as these events which highlights the intersection between AI and Web3. 

Faculty Group’s Venture Shoot Out

Part of our mission at ETHDenver was to build new partnership channels by broadening venture capital funds we work with, with this in mind we were keen to launch our very first ETHDenver side event.

In the spirit of the Wild West we took a small number of VCs including Rarestone,, x, y, z,  to a local Gun Range for a great afternoon of shooting which was sponsored by our friends at AmmoCrypt

For many of those in attendance, it was their first time visiting a gun range and shooting!  Great fun was had by all and many rounds of ammunition later, it was fantastically well-received. We hope it will become Faculty Group’s annual event at ETHDenver for years to come.

ETHDenver is a nexus for forward-thinking and fertile investment terrain, positioned squarely at the juncture of blockchain and AI advancements. We are excited to see what the year ahead brings in terms of new opportunities and new dealflow channels.

At Faculty Group, we continuously explore new narratives and investment opportunities in our search for the best regardless of chain or layer, that align with our vision for 2024 and beyond.

If you want to work with us or discuss deal flow opportunities, reach out directly or at vc@faculty.group for more information. 

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