Faculty Group makes Waves on Day 1 at TOKEN2049: Focus on Networking and Strategic Collaborations

Faculty Group makes Waves on Day 1 at TOKEN2049: Focus on Networking and Strategic Collaborations

On the first day of the eagerly-awaited TOKEN2049 conference, Faculty Group emerged as a major player in what is expected to be the world's largest Web3 event this year. From engaging meetings to strategic network building, the team found its footing and made its presence felt among key industry players. Here are a few highlights from our team on the ground in Singapore:

Luke Lombe had an action-packed day as he met with a myriad of influential individuals from DeFi to Data. He sat down with Simon Barnby and Andrew Flatt from Archax, the FCA regulated institutional-grade digital securities exchange. Their discussions circled around potential avenues for strategic investments and partnerships in the DeFi sector and the proposed change to UK regulation coming on 8th October 2023.

Simon Barnby and Andrew Flatt from Archax with Luke Lombe from Faculty Group

Additionally, he also met Jacob Ko from Superscrypt, where they discussed the evolving smart contract ecosystem and its implications for digital asset investments.

Jacob Ko from SuperCrypt with Luke Lombe from Faculty Group

The team also met with Ganesh, the founder of Covalent, an enterprise focussed on making blockchain data easier to access and understand. The conversations went into the details of data-driven investment strategies, a sign of the growing sophistication in the Web3 investment landscape.

Ganesh founder of Covalent with Faculty Group's Luke Lombe

Sam O'Leary, Faculty Group's resident guru for all things KOLs, had a rendezvous with famed crypto influencer Coach K. The lively conversation centred on upcoming trends, the role of influencers in crypto adoption, and what 2024 may hold for the crypto universe. They also discussed the risk and rewards for projects when it comes to influencer marketing.

Coack K with Luke Lombe and Sam O'Leary of Faculty Group 

Broadening Our Investment Horizons

In a meeting with Avalanche, our team and their DeFi BD discussed potential investment opportunities in the DeFi space, and what they are focussed on for the rest of this year.

Eric Kang DeFI BD from Avalanche with Luke Lombe from Faculty Group

Luke Lombe also had an engaging conversation with Scott Melker at Wakuda, a platform dedicated to promoting black-owned businesses, hinting at our broadening scope and social impact intentions.

Scott Melker at Wakuda with Luke Lombe and Sam O'Leary of Faculty Group 

Sebastian Cheek, Vice President at Faculty Group, was also in on the action as he met with the Head of Europe at GSR, further solidifying Faculty Group’s reach within the financial world. The two discussed possible collaborations and the future of digital assets in Europe.

GSR Head of Europe with Faculty Investment Vice President Sebastian Cheeks

Adding to the day's success, the team also interacted with at least 20 venture capital firms, thereby widening their network and opening doors for future collaborations.

Our week at TOKEN2049 demonstrates our commitment to building meaningful relationships and setting the stage for future collaborations with partners and investors across the space. With several more days to go in this landmark event, we are geared up to continue making impactful contributions to the crypto and Web3 communities. Stay tuned for more highlights and insights.

Arvin Nathan

Arvin Nathan

Arvin is a web3 technology visionary and contributor to industry publications. He believes in web3's potential to drive innovation and create a more equitable and democratic internet.