Faculty Group Leads Investment in Nuklai’s Data Ecosystem Empowering AI, DePIN and RWAs

Faculty Group Leads Investment in Nuklai’s Data Ecosystem Empowering AI, DePIN and RWAs

Faculty Group is proud to announce its lead investment in Nuklai, a collaborative data ecosystem and infrastructure provider, combining the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of successful enterprise businesses and a member of the Nexera Ecosystem. Having had a successful collaboration with Nexera ecosystem for many years, we immediately saw Nuklai’s potential in our introductory meetings with them.

Nuklai is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, offering a Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure uniquely designed to enhance and empower large language models (LLMs), provide data management and transport layer, and computational resources. Much like a fast car can’t run well without high-quality fuel, AI models can’t function without high-quality data provided by Nuklai. 

As Matthijs de Vries said when asked about our partnership with Nuklai:

“Faculty Group has proven time and time again their forward-thinking attitude towards the development of decentralized technologies. Combined with diligent day-to-day support and a strong long-term perspective, they are a formidable partner for the development of Nuklai's smart data ecosystem."

Nuklai’s smart data ecosystem consists of two inter-connected, purpose-built L1 Blockchains tied together with a single token, $NAI:

  • Data Chain - blockchain optimized for data sharing, all data interactions are recorded on the chain with revenue shared amongst chain participants.
  • Compute Chain - blockchain providing native access to distributed computational power for AI model training and utilization.

As a native network token, $NAI powers the ecosystem by paying for distributed computing power, rewarding validators, and enabling token holders to participate in network security. 

On top of the blockchain infrastructure layer, Nuklai provides a robust application layer offering a range of native data and AI infrastructure primitives. This allows users and businesses alike to build new sophisticated products and businesses quickly and efficiently. Its built-in distributed computational network provides training and execution of even the most complex tasks. 

The network is compatible and interconnectible with existing distributed computing solutions, opening doors to new markets and communities. It supercharges LLMs with diverse, deeply contextualized structured datasets, crucial for training LLMs and helping them handle detailed, fact-based information. Nuklai is poised to redefine AI and data economies through blockchain integration and its powerful on-chain tools.

Faculty Group’s journey with Nexera (formerly known as Allianceblock) started in 2017 when they were selected to be included in our Incubation Programme. After years of diligent cooperation, we recognised Nexera as a long-term strategic partner for our business. Under the experienced leadership of Rachid Ajaja and Matthijs de Vries, Nexera Foundation has grown from its humble origins to become a significant player in the Web3 space. 

Peaking at over US$1.3B valuation and bringing innovation to sectors such as Finance, Trading, Analytics, Compliance, and Infrastructure, Nexera has grown from a single project to a formidable ecosystem of interconnected businesses, developed in-house and gained through a strong network of partnerships across market sectors. 

Why Nuklai?

As a long-term investor and builder in the Web3 space, we have identified several categories with the most significant potential for disruption and growth as part of our investment thesis. Nuklai is an example of our investment thesis in action and is best placed to succeed in this highly competitive market.  

We pride ourselves on our ability to be value-add investors; thus, apart from leading the fundraising for Nuklai, we made sure to provide full-service support, connecting Nuklai with several prospective partners, clients, and builders to bring this ecosystem to a fast and successful launch.

Michal Uhriliak, Partner at Faculty Group, sums up the investment committee’s decision, saying:

“Data is the new oil. Over 6000 new startups were founded in 2023 alone to pursue AI and the data gold rush. Nuklai is the L1 infrastructure solution to sell them the shovels.”

Our investment in Nuklai reflects our commitment to supporting best-in-class projects and founders. At Faculty Group, we continuously explore new narratives and investment opportunities in our search for the best that align with our vision for 2024 and beyond.

If you want to work with us or discuss deal flow opportunities, contact vc@faculty.group for more information.

About Nuklai

Nuklai is a collaborative data ecosystem and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It combines the power of community-driven data analysis with the datasets of successful modern businesses.

The ecosystem allows grassroots data enthusiasts and institutional partners to find new ways to use untapped data and generate new revenue streams.

Our vision is to unify the fragmented data landscape. We fulfill this mandate by providing a user-friendly, streamlined, and inclusive approach to sharing, requesting, and evaluating data for key insights.

We also provide better processes and new business opportunities, empowering next-generation large language models and AI.

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