Faculty Group Invests in Syntropy: The Data Layer for Web3

Faculty Group Invests in Syntropy: The Data Layer for Web3

We are pleased to announce our strategic investment in Syntropy, a blockchain that powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customisable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.  

Syntropy's vision is to create real-time, chain-agnostic data infrastructure for developers. This solves one of the biggest pain points in Web3 today - accessing reliable, low-latency on-chain data across different blockchain networks. Powered by their proprietary tech stack, Syntropy offers seamless access to real-time and historical on-chain data, eliminating dependence on centralised data services, and delivering multi-chain data in real-time.

Syntropy's ecosystem is a vibrant mix of data publishers, developers, applications, and end-users all collaboratively employing the Data Layer. It's an ecosystem committed to democratising blockchain data access for everyone. 

Our vision aligns with theirs, and we are excited to support them in their most recent round to ensure they have resources to continue to allow them to build on their success. We are delighted to invest alongside our many venture friends and look forward to working collaboratively with them on another exciting project. This group of investors is strategically placed to add real-value to Syntropy’s mission. Their CEO, Daniel Haudenschild, said:

"We're thrilled to welcome this acclaimed group of blockchain investors to Syntropy. Their deep expertise and networks will be invaluable as we scale the Syntropy Layer 1 data streaming blockchain."

Why Syntropy?

As part of our investment thesis, we believe on-chain data availability will be key to scalability and increased latency. Under Daniel’s leadership as CEO, he has reinvigorated the team and the project. As transaction throughput on chain has increased dramatically, latency has become a significant blocker to growth. 

Syntropy is best placed to solve the data and latency challenges which will only become more pronounced as transactional volumes increase. We believe without a solution like Syntropy, this will only get worse in future.

Yaroslav Writtle, Partner at Faculty Group, sums up the investment committee’s decision, saying:

“As the blockchain ecosystem matures, the ability to amalgamate, interact and retrieve on-chain data is becoming an increasingly important primitive for scaling. To this end, Syntropy provides real-time, decentralised data services that lay the foundations for the development of more sophisticated on-chain use cases. We’ve been impressed by the team’s ability to execute their vision and excited to support them on their journey.”

Our investment in Syntropy reflects our commitment to supporting best-in-class projects and founders. At Faculty Group, we continuously explore new narratives and investment opportunities in our search for the best regardless of chain or layer, that align with our vision for 2024 and beyond. 

If you want to work with us or discuss deal flow opportunities, reach out to vc@faculty.group for more information.

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