Faculty Group Invests in Eclipse Fi: Modular, Multi-Chain Launch Platform

Faculty Group Invests in Eclipse Fi: Modular, Multi-Chain Launch Platform

We are pleased to announce our strategic investment in Eclipse Fi, a modular multi-chain launch protocol operating within the Cosmos ecosystem and seamlessly integrated with prominent Layer-2 protocols, including Mantle, Linea, and Base. Eclipse Fi’s mission is to transform the cross-chain user experience, leveraging account abstraction to create an intuitive “onboard your grandma” level UX, thereby accelerating adoption in forthcoming cycles.

Eclipse Fi’s platform provides a comprehensive modular launch toolkit, encompassing lock drops, auctions, and Liquidity Bootstrapping Auctions (LBAs). This toolkit facilitates customisable, multi-stage launch strategies, with a focus on engaging long-term users and establishing sustainable value for projects and partners beyond launch, irrespective of their respective layer or chain. Eclipse Fi's top-tier network facilitates a strong support pipeline, connecting builders lacking connections and providing access to industry leaders crucial for go-to-market and product support.  

Eclipse Fi boasts an impressive portfolio of over 35 secured partnerships and collaborations. This includes a robust pipeline of projects for its inaugural launchpad line up, an extensive Key Opinion Leader (KOL) network, participation from over 200,000 individuals in its test net, and a community exceeding 250,000 members across various social media platforms. These elements collectively form a solid foundation for Eclipse Fi's path to success and that of its clients.

Unique features of the platform include the pioneering application of fully decentralised, privacy-preserving, zero-knowledge Know Your Customer (zk-KYC) technology. This is complemented by a modular toolkit for community-aligned launches, both on and off-chain reputation scoring systems, and a rigorous due diligence process for vetting prospective launchpad projects. Through its unique "zkMe" integration, Eclipse Fi is at the forefront of developing 'DeFi-first zk-KYC', ensuring verification and compliance while maintaining user anonymity and privacy for its launchpad users.  Eclipse Fi creates truly decentralised KYC using its zk-tech.

Why Eclipse Fi?

As part of our investment thesis, we believe in a multi-chain modular world and support projects that solve real problems like cross-chain UX bridging users through UI and simple onboarding. Yaroslav Writtle, Partner Faculty Group, sums up the investment committee’s decision, saying,

"Eclipse Fi has taken a tried and proven concept in launchpads while innovating and deploying it to the rapidly growing Cosmos ecosystem. We are looking forward to supporting Eclipse as well as their high-quality pipeline of launches with Faculty Group’s proven expertise in venture building." 

Our investment in Eclipse Fi reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of cross-chain innovation and supporting best-in-class projects and founders. At Faculty Group, we continuously explore new narratives and investment opportunities in our search for the best regardless of chain or layer, that align with our vision for 2024 and beyond. 

If you want to work with us or discuss deal flow opportunities, reach out to vc@faculty.group for more information.

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