Faculty Group braves the Storm at TOKEN2049 Dubai

Faculty Group braves the Storm at TOKEN2049 Dubai

The eagerly-awaited TOKEN2049 Dubai conference was upstaged by Mother Nature and the arrival of a year’s worth of rain in 24 hours in Dubai. You can’t say TOKEN2049 doesn’t live up to the hype! 

Faculty Group was in attendance and although being stranded on Tuesday night they managed to make it to their accommodation in time to attend a number of strategic meetings and networking events. Here are a few highlights from our teams on the ground in Dubai:

Tuesday was an interesting evening but our team managed to weather the storm. Sam O’Leary met with DyorDex team that Faculty Group are advising. At The St Regis Dubai, they also met Theo from Gunzilla Games, one of our portfolio companies, and DIONE. Having been stranded by the flooding, they managed to get a ride home.


Tuesday evening in Dubai

Later , Faculty Group attended a MatchChain event with Petrix, CEO, followed by the event co-sponsored by Faculty Group with Tobi and Brent.

Petrix, CEO MatchChain, Jessie Xiao CBD & Sam O’Leary

The ZK Sync party was in full swing with a great vibe, awesome music and a top class group of new and old friends including Aaron from NFT and Rollies, feat Lil Baby. 

Scott Melker, Luke Lombe & Sam O’Leary

On Thursday our very own Luke Lombe and Sam O’Leary met up with Scott Melker (aka Wolf Of All Streets), a noted KOL and good friend of Faculty Group at the Crypto Banter event. Mario Nawfal, Ran Neuner, Martini Guy and many more friends were also in attendance. 

Luke and Sam also attended the One & Only Dubai Marina event hosted by Woodstock and Covalent, networking with many VCs including Rocktree Capital and portfolio companies including SunSpear Games. It was great to meet up with this select crew in person and share good times in real life. 

Sam O'Leary, George & Josh from CryptosRUs

After the Crypto Banter event our team went to the DNA Yacht event, where they met James and Will from Roundtable as well as George and Josh from CryptosRUs, the Van Eck team, Brock Pierce, and Ink Games among others.

It was great to see so many new and old friends in spite of the crazy weather.  Definitely one to remember. Token2049 never disappoints when it comes to networking and after attending 87 events over 4 days, the Faculty Group team can’t wait for Singapore later this year and the many opportunities to create new investments and collaborations across our network of partners, supporters, portfolio companies and new projects.


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