Spotlight: deltaDAO building Europe’s single data market

Spotlight: deltaDAO building Europe’s single data market

As part of our Spotlight series, we want to highlight builders and projects that are leading the way in terms of innovation and real-world applications, not hype.  This week we are focusing on data and wanted to start with deltaDAO, a prominent contributor and active member of the Ocean Protocol Ecosystem.

One project leading the way when it comes to data economy and AI is deltaDAO AG based in Germany.  deltaDAO is focused on institutions and SMEs in Europe that have proprietary industrial, technical and business data that they can leverage in collaboration with other partners across Europe to cooperate while maintaining GDPR compliance and access control over their data.    

Across Europe there is a big need to collaborate across industries when it comes to data and AI. Data silos currently keep companies and industries from collaborating and reduce the access to proprietary data unlike US Big Tech which has been hoovering up data from companies and consumers as there is no data regulation in place like Europe’s GDPR. GDPR presents many challenges especially when working on cross-border initiatives as this can breach GDPR in specific countries when it comes to giving permissions for sharing data. Their data marketplace can anonymise the data, control access and monetise it. The graphic below illustrates how it works:

Many institutions and SMEs in Europe are looking for ways to benefit from data marketplaces and data ecosystems without losing access control over their IP, sensitive data and how this can be achieved by using blockchain infrastructure and decentralised data ecosystems.  This is where deltaDAO comes in. Using Ocean Protocol’s technology stack, deltaDAO enables the European data sharing initiative through the GAIA-X framework.

GAIA-X is a pan-European cross-sector initiative supported by the EU to create an open and democratic data infrastructure, bringing together more than 375 organisations and companies from 30 countries and all sectors, such as mobility, energy, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, aerospace, public services, tourism, healthcare and beyond. The European Union as a whole has a large number of high-tech industry specific manufacturers in these sectors and more than 20 million SMEs.  In order to compete globally, European industries and companies need to collaborate to gain a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to data and AI.  The rise of Generative AI has also created a need to ‘protect’ data from unlawful use in LLMs and to monetise proprietary data for enterprises’ benefit.

The GEN-X network was created by deltaDAO and powered by Polygon Supernets and Ocean Protocol technology stack, connecting these industries with AI, Web3, and decentralised federated services. The mission is to enable transparency, portability, data sovereignty and interoperability across data and services for these sectors and to protect their IP. This is the current list of AI & data marketplaces connected to GEN-X:

The module-based approach of Polygon Supernets and the ability to connect industry-specific blockchains solve the scalability and compliance challenges as well as giving enterprises the opportunity to work together safely.  This partnership enables Gaia-X participants to settle AI, data, and infrastructure service transactions on the GEN-X network in EUROe, the world’s first EU-regulated e-money and MiCA-compliant stablecoin, nearly instantly on the blockchain for a fraction of the cost of traditional payment networks. This integration of blockchain payment rails enables faster and cheaper international payments or integration into any Gaia-X-related application to allow automated and programmable Euro–denominated value transfers for all participants.

As the only EU-regulated stablecoin, EUROe is compliant with the upcoming implementation of MiCA legislation – the EU’s regulatory framework for digital assets. It is expected that MiCA will not only harmonise the regulation of stablecoins in the EU, but also affect the global regulatory landscape and take us one step further towards a European digital single market for AI and data.

About deltaDAO AG

deltaDAO AG is a Web3 software development, integration and consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. Its focus is to enable a transparent, secure, and decentralised data economy in which large enterprises, SMEs and public institutions keep full technical control over their valuable and confidential data. deltaDAO provided the first Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem powered by Ocean Protocol in 2021, based on open-source software and web3 components. In 2022 deltaDAO created the first Pan-European federated Gaia-X edge network “GEN-X” for Gaia-X, together with Polygon and EuProGigant, the Austrian-German Gaia-X lighthouse project.

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