Chess3 wins Australian Crypto Convention's Whale Lab Pitchfest securing $500,000 Funding Opportunity

Chess3 wins Australian Crypto Convention's Whale Lab Pitchfest securing $500,000 Funding Opportunity

[Melbourne, 22nd November, 2023] The Australian Crypto Convention wrapped up the first day of its flagship event with the highly anticipated Whale Lab pitch-fest, where Web3 gaming start-up Chess3 emerged as the winner. Chess3 secured a transformative funding opportunity of $500,000, pending venture capitalist due diligence. Their Founder, Dan Tauhore, backed by four years of blockchain experience, presented Chess3 as a revolutionary solution to the challenges facing the chess community in the digital age. 

Why Chess3?

Chess3 addresses issues such as cheating, lack of incentivisation, and the absence of monetisation in chess. Through blockchain technology, Chess3 ensures public and transparent game data, addressing the persistent challenge of cheating. The platform introduces a small fee from each wagered match, providing new opportunities for players to turn chess into a viable career path.

Unique Features of Chess3:

  • Transparent and dispute-free gameplay through blockchain
  • Monetisation opportunities for players
  • Nimble team adapting to rapidly changing markets
  • Experienced advisory board and key connections to influencers
  • Potential creation of an in-game currency.

The success of Chess3 was amplified by the significant commitment from five leading VC firms in the APAC region. These venture capital heavyweights, including Faculty Group, Greathon Asset Management, Possible Ventures and Apollo Crypto, clearly demonstrated their commitment to fostering innovation in the Australian crypto and Web3 economy. It's important to note that while the $500,000 funding opportunity is secured, it is contingent upon the successful completion of the VC due diligence process.

Event Highlights

The AusCryptoCon Whale Lab pitchfest, sponsored by Bitget, took place on November 11, 2023 at the Australian Crypto Convention - the largest crypto and Web3 event in Australia, held on November 11-12, 2023, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The convention featured over 100 international and local industry-leading speakers, including Michael Saylor, Justin Sun, and Eowyn Chen.

The Australian Crypto Convention extends heartfelt congratulations to Chess3 on their victory and thanks all participants, judges, sponsors, and attendees who contributed to the success of this groundbreaking event.

For more information about Chess3, follow their Twitter.

About Bitget

Bitget, a prominent player in the crypto industry, played a pivotal role as the sponsor of the Whale Lab pitch-fest at the Australian Crypto Convention. Earlier this year, Bitget was announced as an official search partner of HELLO for the Killer Whales Season 2, a series similar to the well known Shark Tank, but for Web3 projects. Bitget’s sponsorship underscored its commitment to supporting emerging projects and fostering growth in the Australian crypto and Web3 ecosystem. Entrants who missed out on the Whale Lab can apply to pitch their project on Killer Whales here.

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